Lawrence's Roundabout Well Appeal The Roundabout Playpump

About Lawrence Prifti

Lawrence was a normal, bright, happy and healthy boy who had a wicked sense of humour and was mad about football. When Lawrence was six he started to have difficulties with his hearing.

These problems got worse over the next few months and in October 2004 a brain scan revealed that Lawrence was suffering from an extremely rare degenerative condition called Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD).

Within six months of the diagnosis Lawrence was unable to move,
could no longer talk and had to be fed by tube.

Lawrence died in July 2005.

He was eight years old.


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The charity was set up in September 2005, just over a month after Lawrence’s death.
The Object of the Charity is "to raise money for the purchase of roundabout wells
(also known as Playpumps TM) in Africa".

All donations from individuals and companies go directly towards buying roundabout wells.

The Charity is registered with the Charity Commission – registration no.1117317


Lawrence's Roundabout Well Appeal